Pizza Contest Winner

The overall winner of the “I love being a scholar at the Carter G. Woodson Elementary School” contest is Kelli Bryant in Room 308; she will be receiving a $50 gift card for having the best entry.

winnerCongratulations to Keli Bryant for her outstanding essay to be the overall winner in the “I love being a scholar at the Carter G. Woodson Elementary School” contest. 

Carter G. Woodson Elementary School                                                        

            I love being a scholar at the Carter G. Woodson Elementary School.

            I love being a Woodson scholar because the teachers discipline you to do better. Also they challenge you to do better at things you are having troubles with. They model for you a great example, they show how your life would be if you succeed in middle school. They bombard us with work because they care. They expect the work to be finished thoroughly. When you step inside this school learning is your only priority. Our teachers don’t abandon us when we give up; they make us strive towards excellence in every subject.

            Mr. Spencer

            This teacher is one of the best teachers at Woodson. He is the type of teacher that lets us know when we are falling down. He picks us up and builds us up. He rewards us when we have material down-packed. He knows in our heart that you can do whatever you put your mind to. He always tells us, “Don’t make excuses, - make improvements!”

Mr. Feinberg

Mr. Feinberg is one of those teachers that challenge you. He gives you your materials to better yourself. He is the person that helps you, but doesn’t give you all the answers. He pushes you to be your best. Mr. Feinberg encourages you to be yourself and drives you to be your best. He’s a great teacher and I love him!

Mr. Holland

Mr. Holland is a great dean. He is the best of them all. He is a dean that makes you pay the price. He doesn’t punish you for kicking a desk. He punishes you if it’s that serious. He can be funny but when you go too far you are out of luck. You may as well just start walking home and call back to see what your consequence is. I love Mr. Holland and there’s not one other dean I would rather have than him.

Mrs. Littlejohn

Oh my God!!! This principal is the best. She handles her business. She is a principal that puts a smile on your face every morning. You come to school and she tells you to be on time each day. I even think she wakes up in the morning and says, “Hello Carter G. Woodson!” Mrs. Littlejohn is a great principal. I don’t think there is one person that can take her place. I love her!!!

I love Carter G. Woodson because it’s a school where you express your feelings through your work. There is no place I’d rather be than meeting new faces at Carter G. Woodson South Elementary School!!! 

I pledge as a student of the Carter G. Woodson Elementary School to strive towards excellence in my academic achievement. I will work diligently each day towards reaching my goal of scholarship, teamwork, accountability and respect!!! I am a STAR Student!!!