Golden Knights Drill Team

Our mission Statement 

The Golden Knights Drill Team is a not-for-profit performing arts organization that is focused on developing the youth of our community. Our mission is to teach youth the principles of discipline, leadership, and charity through performing arts and community service.  

Vision/ Goals:

Ø  To Save the YOUTH

Ø  To build character and self-esteem within an individual.

Ø  To teach the youth different tactics of withstanding negative influences.

Ø  Teach the arts of performing with flags, rifles and sabers.

Ø  Mentoring and charitable work.

Ø  Assisting with the process of maturing   from boys to young men, and girls to young ladies.

Ø  Offer the opportunity to travel around the country to perform.

Ø  To keep our kids and young adults off the streets and involved in something positive & productive.

Our History

The Golden Knights Drill Team was founded and directed by Mr. Antonio Hughes in the fall of September 2006 at the North Kenwood Oakland Charter School.  The original team consisted of only twenty-six members.  The team was formed to give youth another after school alternative other than the typical sports choices of basketball, football, and cheerleading.  Beginning in 2007 and continuing today, The Golden Knights have serviced over 500 inner-city youth ranging in age from 5-18. The team is under the Direction of three young men that are forward thinking visionaries: Mr. Antonio Hughes, Mr. William Charles, and Mr. Amaris Hewitt.  All three young men recognized a lack of leadership in their community and stepped in to provide opportunities that can truly make a difference in young people's lives.  People always say,” Young people need to do something better with their time.”  The Golden Knights are creating solutions and changing lives.