Literacy ~ Grades K-5


The Carter G. Woodson scholars in grades K – 5 are immersed in our newly adopted literacy resource! Wright Group LEAD 21 is a balanced literacy program designed to enhance the literacy skills of all children in every classroom.  Wright Group LEAD 21 is a comprehensive, research-based core K-5 literacy program built to expand literacy, ensure equality, achieve acceleration, and refine differentiation for students. LEAD 21 honors core literacy competencies (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, oral language development and writing) while encompassing 21st century literacies such as the ability to access, question, evaluate, collaborate, and communicate effectively in the age of today’s information explosion.

Wright Group LEAD 21 provides all students with equity of access to standards-based grade level content and affords all learners equity of voice within the classroom community. It provides instructional materials and approaches designed to accelerate the literacy growth of all learners, to proficiency and beyond. It enhances and expands the effectiveness of differentiated instruction through the use of varied texts, student groupings and instructional supports during literacy instruction.

More information regarding the Wright Group LEAD 21 and how you can access a variety of online resources to support your child’s development of literacy skills outside of school will be available to you at a later date.  You can learn more about LEAD 21 by visiting the following website: