Carter G. Woodson South  Elementary School

The first principal of Carter G. Woodson South was David Helberg . During his term,  Model Cities (Federal Funding) was offer to Woodson South School.  Woodson was able to hire parents in the community.  Parents were able to work at Woodson, finish high school, attend college, and earn a degree .  After Mr. D. Helberg’s retired, Mrs. Jacqueline Parker became  the second principal of Woodson South School. The third Principal of Woodson South School was Frank Hawkins. The forth principal of Woodson South School was Janice Ledvora . While she was principal, the public housing buildings (across the street  from  Woodson South) were torn down and the enrollment dropped dramatically down.  The Board of Education combined Woodson South with Woodson North.   Woodson North was rehabbed and Woodson South moved to Woodson N